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KATG 2991: Fashionably Gay w/ Ashley Gavin

Chemda is 2 years tumor-free; dating closeted people; diversity in commercials; man shoots own groin in Walmart; TV stealing jokes; reacting to gay comedians; Pope Francis on the fashionability of homosexuality; Baby, It’s Cold Outside banned; Hugh Hefner's auctioned items; problems with exes; TED Talks December 5, 2018

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Show Notes

  • — Football: We have Ashley Gavin in studio celebrating Chemda’s 2-year anniversary of returning to KATG tumor-free
  • — On Brand: Ashley has a history of dating closeted women
  • — The Black Friend: The gang discusses how commercials are cast with forced diversity
  • — Groin, Groin, Gone: An Arizona man carrying a handgun in the waistband of his sweatpants accidentally shot himself in the crotch in the meat department of a Walmart
  • — Collective Consciousness: A popular TV show blatantly stole one of Ashley’s tweets on gun control
  • — Does She Know?: Ashley discusses audience members’ reactions to her being a lesbian
  • — Liar Liar: Pope Francis is worried how being gay is becoming a fashionable new lifestyle that could ruin the Catholic Church
  • — #Rapey: A Cleveland radio station has stopped playing the song Baby, It’s Cold Outside after listeners complained about how antiquated and creepy it is
  • — Mammaries: The late Hugh Hefner’s possessions, including his famed red smoking jacket, his personal Playboy collection, and a ring that held 1 Viagra pill, have been auctioned off
  • — We Don’t Blow Kids: The gang discusses some of the non-negotiables of their previous partners
  • — One Job: Ashley discusses her TED Talk on computer science


Ashley GavinAshley Gavin


Ashley Gavin
Ashley Gavin
Chemda returning to the studio, post tumor removal
Chemda returning to the studio, post tumor removal
Pope Francis the trickster
Pope Francis the trickster
The late Hugh Hefner and his red smoking jacket
The late Hugh Hefner and his red smoking jacket
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