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Joe DeRosa

Comedian known for his regular appearances on The Opie & Anthony Show and Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld.
Joe DeRosa has been on 14 shows

KATG 3773: 2024 24-Hour Marathon: Pimping Your Memories w/ Shauna Lane, Emily Panic, and Joe DeRosa

Alongside the great Emily Panic, KATG’s fellow Surf Reality performer and for real open book Shauna Lane shares her sobriety and the crazy stories and relationships that led her there. Joe DeRosa joins the marathon and discusses Chemda’s KATG exit, dating, and February 6, 2024

Show Notes

  • — Sobriety and its lead-ups feat. weddings and stalkers
  • — Switching careers and kids during COVID
  • — Catching your parents in a lie as an adult
  • — Joe DeRosa discusses Chemda’s KATG exit, dating, and
  • — The Dustballs presents ‘Dos Nuts’ from the album The B Stands for Crazy

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