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3624: The Cult w/ Kevin Allison

Kevin Allison is back, baby! We talk lawsuits, podcast guests, and cults. Be sure to watch Don’t Pick Up the Phone before the next episode! January 27, 2023

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Show Notes

  • — Sue Costello’s Law-SUE-t … any day now!
  • — New Year’s Blues and motivation
  • — Guests asking to have their episodes taken down
  • — Violent Self-play
  • — Woman sues beer vender after drunk driving into a house and causing over $10 million in damages
  • — 30-year-old busted pretending to be a high school student on Day 4
  • — Dangerous conditions on the set of Netflix’s reality competition show Squid Game: The Challenge
  • — Netflix’s Don’t Pick Up the Phone/Dissecting cult victims


Kevin AllisonKevin Allison


Sue Costello
Sue Costello
Daniella Leis, The Ten Million Dollar Woman
Daniella Leis, The Ten Million Dollar Woman

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